Exceptional rentals in Morgantown and Fairmont WV
Why should you rent from MJM Rentals?
All of MJM's rentals are top quality, well maintained, conveniently located in nice neighborhoods, with picturesque yards, and energy efficient.  Our Property Managers are professional, responsive, and have decades of experience.  Enjoy the financial freedom of not being tied down to a mortgage.  With MJM's properties, you will enjoy all of the benefits of living in a quality home and neighborhood without the additional costs and headaches that come with owning and maintaining a home. 

Renting allows you to avoid the headaches of paying real estate taxes, home owners insurance, and costly maintenance expenses.  When you rent vs. buy, you avoid paying property and sales tax, real estate commission fees, mortgage lender fees, mortgage interest, and other fees like fire fees, storm sewer fees, etc.  These costs do add up, when you spread these costs over the average time you will own a home, they typically add up to several hundred dollars every month and thousands every year.  This is money you could be setting aside for other uses.  Avoid these unnecessary expenses and make the smart choice.  Save money, have more flexibility, and live better!

Are you considering an apartment?  Living in large local apartment complexes, where your neighbor is not on the other side of your fence but rather on the other side of your wall, floor, or ceiling is an unnecessary nuisance.  Choose MJM Rentals, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our quality.

To schedule a viewing or to learn more about our properties, contact us today!

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